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We dream with a less polluted world, with less waste and more people committed to sustainability and the caring for the environment. We aspire to be the most important reusable bag factory in America, maintaining our commitment with the sustainability and the caring for the environment.


Supply the market with reusable and sustainable products for the transport of products at the point of sale or E-Commerce and for other uses, promoting care for the environment through reuse, waste reduction and the circular economy.

At Unibag we work daily to contribute to the following United Nations SDGs:

At Unibag we have a constant commitment to Quality, Continuous Improvement and Service to Our Clients.


We take care to check each of our products before packing. We carefully review the print quality, the finishes, and the parameters established by each client for their order.


We permanently take care of reviewing our processes to improve productivity, manufacturing times, better use of resources, etc. We also study and analyze the uses of our products to make improvements in them that give a better experience of use to the customer. We introduce the latest technologies and we are at the forefront of the most sustainable materials, being pioneers in the use of new raw materials for our products.

We made laboratory tests and tests before launching new products.


We are constantly concerned to know the needs of our customers, knowing why they are looking for our products and what they expect from them. We try to develop the exact product that the client needs in the period requested.

All this is possible thanks to our main resource: OUR HUMAN CAPITAL. At Unibag we have an interdisciplinary team of people where each one contributes the best of their knowledge and experience to achieve the proposed objectives. We work as a team, united and with the same objective. We promote the inclusion of people of different nationalities, ages, etc. We believe in the potential of people.

We care about our COMMUNITY, through our program to support housewives who carry out specific support work from home.

We take care of our ENVIRONMENT, since all the actions we carry out at Unibag have this ultimate purpose. All of our industrial waste is recycled, reused or sent to a composting plant.

We have a Post-consumer Management Program for our bags.

This is our 4R program:


Awards: 2021 Green Latin America Award

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