Vegetal and Reusable e-commerce Envelope

Reusable and free of plastic polymers




System with tamper-proof safety clips, ensuring that your product arrives intact to the final client. It includes an auto-adhesive label for the recipient's details (delivered separately). The envelope is not damaged if the label is taken off.

Different measurements for different types of products

*Minimum order amount: 3,000 units per size and design.

Why use reusable plant-based envelopes for your deliveries?

  • They comply with the act for the prohibition of plastic bags.
  • Brand presence with the reusable back of the envelope for other purposes 
  • You contribute to the environment by generating less waste, due to it not being disposable.
  • It is adapted to different product formats.
  • It reduces transport costs in terms of boxes, by taking up less space.
  • It can be used for product returns, by sending the client additional clips and labels inside.

Instructions about the use of the envelope

for the final consumer

Natural derivative

This envelope is 100% manufactured from PLA (Polylactic Acid), obtained from corn starch, which is especially cultivated for industrial purposes and is not suitable for human consumption. This envelope does not contain any petroleum-derived polymer. Unibag has the IDIEM report (Univ. Chile Lab.) which accredits the manufacturing of this envelope as being 100 % done with PLA. This envelope is the most environmentally friendly, as it:

  • Can be used between 150 and 200 times by the consumer for other purposes (storing shoes, purses, paper, and to protect any type of product when saving it)
  • Is compostable in 180 days in industrial composting plants.
  • Is biodegradable

Elaboration and Design

The envelope is ultrasound sealed and seamless. It can be printed in up to four colors in both sides. The labels and clips are included in the products and are delivered separately.

Manufactured in Chile

  • Only reusable envelope factory in Chile.
  • Material certified by DICTUC and IDIEM
  • Competitive prices.
  • Different printing systems: flexography, screen printing, etc.
  • We deliver to the whole country.
At Unibag we take care to perform laboratory tests on our products before their launch. This way we ensure the quality of our raw materials, the properties of our products and their capability of contributing to the circular economy, whether through composting or recycling. We work with renowned national and international laboratories.