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This bag is sealed on the sides with a gusset at the base. Due to its versatility and price, this reusable bag is preferred for all types of promotional campaigns. Print it in 4 colors, offering a touch of design with the handle color and you will see your ecological bag with your brand everywhere.

The traditional TNT material is manufactured based on polypropylene, as it is the most economical and resistance alternative used for the manufacture of reusable bags. These can be used up to 200 times, and at the end of their use life can be recycled in Chile, giving rise to new products.

In Unibag we use 100% virgin polypropylene to ensure the bags’ greater durability and strength.

The ultrasound-sealed seamless construction ensures a greater resistance and provides a better look for the bag. The handles are reinforced. They have an IDIEM report (University of Chile Laboratory), demonstrating that they support up to 20 Kg, depending on the  size and fabric weight

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