Post-Consumer Bag Recovery Program

The Unibag Post-Consumer Bag Recovery Program established reception points, these points can be in retail, small businesses and condominiums. This initiative allows you to close the life cycle of your bag through recycling or industrial composting. Only Unibag reusable bags are considered in the post-consumer recovery program.

1.- We invite you to get to know your Unibag reusable bag and its materiality

How to identify it?

2.- Review the options we have to manage your bag.

Here you can find the collection points enabled to incorporate your Unibag bags into the circular economy:

  • Augustine Square: Avenue Lo Narváez 6172, Olmué, V region.
  • Unibag office: O´Higgins 143, Industrial park Los Libertadores, Colina.


  • Líder La Reina: Príncipe de Gales 9140, La Reina. RM
  • Líder Cordillera: Los Toros 5441, Puente Alto, RM.
  • Líder Viña del Mar: 15 Norte, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso Region.


  • CIRCULAR: You can request home withdrawal of your bags. Circular manages paper bags and reusable cloth bags, enter, search for your commune, and schedule your free withdrawal so that they can withdraw directly at their homes. Withdrawal points in the metropolitan region in the following communes:
    • Providencia
    • Las Condes
    • La Reina,
    • Lo Barnechea,
    • Ñuñoa
    • Vitacura
    • Santiago
    • Peñalolén

To schedule a withdrawal, you must have a minimum of 50 bags, which can be paper or reusable.

  • ELIGE VERDE: If you are a client of Elige Verde manage your vegetable bag with them.
Web site Elige Verde

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Material Recovered through the Post-Consumer Program

3.- Thanks to the alliances with different recovery companies, the recovered Unibag reusable bags will be destined for recycling or industrial composting depending on their materiality:

Recycling TNT Bags

Unibag’s reusable polypropylene (PP) bags will be used to manufacture polypropylene pellets for other production processes that require this material as raw material.

Composting Vegetable Bags

Unibag’s reusable vegetable bags (PLA) will be destined for industrial composting centers for the production of compost, a key organic fertilizer for soil conservation.

Recycling Cotton Bags

Unibag’s reusable cotton bags will be used for the manufacture of INSULATED FIBER, necessary for the construction of thermal panels for sustainable homes.