Plant-based pouch backpack


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The pouch-type backpacks are preferred by young people, due to being light and useful for carrying their things. Manufactured 100% based on PLA (Polylactic Acid), obtained from corn starch, which is grown especially for industrial purposes and is not suitable for human consumption. The bag does not contain any petrol-derived polymer.

The backpacks offer you large-scale exposure of you brand at a genuinely low cost. Size: 35 x 43

The straps are the same color as the backpack, which improves the bag design. It is uniquely stitched at the ends to ensure greater durability.

Unibag possesses an IDIEM (University of Chile Lab.) report that certifies this bag as being manufactured 100% with PLA

This is the most environmentally friendly bag as:

  • It can be used between 150 and 200 times
  • It is compostable in 180 days in industrial composting plants

It is biodegradable

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Peso 9,7 kg
Dimensiones 37 × 40 × 50 cm